Game Update #3 — Incoming Red Alert

The game is now ready for the game designer to tweak the levels and offer any gameplay changes. Here are the latest additions.

New Enemy Type

The game has a new enemy type that moves randomly and fires a rapid Particle Laser directly at the player. You have to be quick to dodge the fire. This new enemy also fires if it is behind the player. Sneaky.

Balanced the Spawning

Modified the SpawnManager so that the Game Designer can determine the number and frequency of the two most potent power-ups; Extra Life and Missile. You can also now decide on which enemies and power-ups will spawn per wave.

Aggressive Enemy with a Shield

To make the game harder, I have added a new enemy type that has a shield. You now have to hit this enemy twice. But wait, it also chases the player when close.

Dodging enemy

What about an enemy that can dodge your fire. Well, we now have one of them as well. It will move randomly to avoid your fire left or right. Can you kill these enemies?

Enemy Boss

All shooter games need a boss. We now have a Boss with massive lasers. They hurt. What do you think?

Let me know what you think. What else can I add to the game?



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Jose Gil

Jose Gil

Unity Developer at Mooski Games