Unity Cinematics —Voice Overs and Music

AAA games have great cut-scenes to present the story-line in a way that will draw in the player. Luckily, Unity can create great cut-scenes with music, voice-overs to go with your camera animations. Let us take a closer look at creating adding voice-overs and music to your game cut-scenes. For this article, let’s continue from my previous article, “Unity Fundamentals — Cinematics”, and add the associated music and the voice-over.

Organising the Timeline

Our Timeline is getting messy so let us organise it. This will be very useful in bigger cut-scenes. Right mouse click in the Timeline Track area and select “Track Group”. Rename this track to Camera and then drag and drop the Virtual Cameras into the Track Group.

Adding Voice Over

Create an empty GameObject and rename it to “Voice over”. Drag and drop the audio file into this GameObject.

Drag and Drop the Voice Over GameObject into the Timeline track area and select Audio Track. Now drag and drop the audio file into the Timeline and move it into position.

Repeat this process for the background music. You can adjust the volume of the background music if you like in the inspector.

Tidy Up Your Hierarchy

Create another GameObject and rename it to “Audio”. Zero out its coordinates and drag and drop the two audio GameObjects into it. Finally, Drag and drop the Audio GameObject in the Cutscene folder.

Modify your Camera Animations

You may need to modify your cameras to suit the audio track. Using the Timeline play button or starting your game, you can now change your cameras accordingly.

I hope this article has helped you to add music and voice-overs to your cut-scenes.



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Jose Gil

Jose Gil

Unity Developer at Mooski Games