Unity Fundamentals — Creating glass Material

Creating glass in Unity is not difficult, but you need to pick the correct rendering mode for the Material to make it work. Let’s have a look at how to create a crystal ball.

Create the GameObject

Let’s create the GameObject to represent the crystal ball. Right mouse click in the Hierarchy and select 3D Object / Sphere. A sphere will be presented within your scene.

Creating the Glass Material

Create the glass material that we will assign to the sphere. Right mouse click in the Project window and click on Create / Material.

Modify the Material to represent the glass effect. Change the Rendering Mode to “Transparent”. You must also change the Albedo Alpha channel to 0 (Colour Opacity). You can change the Alpha channel to make the Crystal ball a bit smokey.

Now, drag and drop the new Glass Material on to the sphere and you are done.

You can perform this technique to create windows, glass cases and more. I hope this article helps you.



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Jose Gil

Jose Gil

Unity Developer at Mooski Games