Unity Fundamentals — Effective lighting with Light Probes

The primary reason to use Light Probes in your Unity Game development is to provide high-quality lighting on moving objects. It is a more effective manner to light your scene. However, you can also capture and use information about light in your Unity game with Light Probes. Consider Light probes as positions in your scene where you can measure the amount of light during the bake.

Create a Light Probe

To create a Light Probe Group, go to Create > Lighting > Light Probes Group.

Add the light probe group to your scene and configure it.

Within the Inspector, click on the Edit Light Probes. You can now add and move the probes to the desired locations. Take your time; it will be worth it.

At Mooski Games, we use light probes with the following considerations:

  1. A Light Probe within an object will make it go dark so avoid it.
  2. Before baking, make all your objects static.
  3. Take care when placing the probes. Don’t rush it.
  4. Look for areas where the light will change colour for optimal effect.

This is a brief overview on Light Probes. Find out more here.



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Jose Gil

Jose Gil

Unity Developer at Mooski Games